Eating Healthy

The Dangers of Phentamine

Phentamine is an over the counter weight loss medication that promises to help people lose up to 25lbs per month, although those claims are questionable because the makers recommend a diet and weight-loss regimine alongside the pills. Phentamine is not to be confused with phentermine, which is a prescription-only medicine that acts as an appetite… Read More The Dangers of Phentamine

Skin Care

Essence Of Argan Review

Essence of Argan is known for its cosmetic, nutritive, and many medicinal properties. One of the main reasons it’s used is due to its age-defying effects that many people claim argan has. This oil is used mainly in beauty and cosmetic products. Additionally, argan oil can help cure skin issues such as dry skin, acne,… Read More Essence Of Argan Review