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Chemical peels, Lasers and Dermabrasion, Oh My!

woman getting microdermabrasion treatmentWrinkles are and have been a problematic sign of aging that women have been trying to get rid of or at least minimize since probably the dawn of time. In recent years there have been numerous advancements in the medical field that actually have been proven to have a noticeable effect on wrinkles.

Unlike most over the counter anti wrinkle creams and potions which almost never work (per Consumer Reports and the FDA), there are a few treatments short of plastic surgery that actually have a marked effect on facial wrinkles – deeper chemical peels, lasers and dermabrasion (not the more superficial version commonly referred to as microdermabrasion) or microdermabrasion facial.

And out of these noted doctors with the most experience are selecting and standing behind deeper chemical peels like the TCA skin peel as having the most marked and longest lasting results.

Wrinkles are caused by our skin losing its elasticity as we age.

There are other contributory factors like diet, hydration, illness, stress and others that contribute to wrinkles, but by far aging is the biggest factor. Aging is something that is going to happen but what we have found is that through the use of medium strength chemical peels, lasers and dermabrasion the effects and resulting wrinkles can be put off for many years.

Without plastic surgery it is possible for one to actually hold back the hands of time and reveal skin that is 5, 10, even 15 years younger in appearance. For more on dermabrasion and dermabranding, check out

All three of the treatments (chemical peels, lasers, and dermabrasion) are offered in almost every dermatologist or plastic surgeons office throughout America and in Europe, Australia and Asia.  Skin care is big business. And options are growing all of the time. Thankfully in the direction of less abrasive treatments rather than surgery. Basically they all remove the top several layers of skin through burning or dermabrading (in dermabrasion the top layers of skin are abraded and removed by special tools similar to fine sandpaper).

All three of these treatments are deeper and non superficial so they usually require longer recovery periods like 1 to 2 weeks on average. After the treatments, new, more youthful skin is revealed and the skin looks younger with wrinkles many times removed or minimized by the procedures.

Lately, numerous noted physicians, dermatologists, doctors and plastic surgeons are finding that out of the three procedures, the medium strength chemical peels have the most marked and longest lasting results on wrinkles and aging skin.

Per Dr. McCullough of the infamed McCollough Institute for Appearance and Health, “In recent years there has been a lot of talk about lasers as a treatment for wrinkles.

However, after using lasers, chemical peeling, and dermabrasion over a period of 34 years, I have found that, in most cases, the best long term results are obtained with chemical peels that take at least two weeks to heal”. Also, unlike dermabrasion, deeper chemical peels like the TCA skin peel do not tend to worsen or irritate underlying cysts and more severe forms of acne – they actually have been shown to improve these conditions.

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