The Many Pros And Cons Of Taking Phentermine For Weigh Loss

Pros And Cons Of Taking PhentermineIn the US, and in the entire wold, there is a huge problem with weight gain. In fact, there are an estimated 32.5% of all Americans that are now considered obese.

This has led to thousands of diet programs, pills, exercise goals, daily tips, and many other attempts to lose weight. One of those methods involves the drug phentermine, that is supposed to be the best at suppressing appetite of all the various drugs.

One problem of the past 2 decades is that nearly all of the previous drugs have been found to be harmful to the health of those that take them so they were pulled from the market.

Here are some of the pros and cons of phentermine that you should know before you begin taking it.

There Have Been Double Blind Studies

One such study done by the McMaster University took a group of adults that were all at least 20% overweight and gave half of them a placebo and the other half phentirmine.

Most of the individuals that received the real drug did tend to lose weight in the study and experienced little or no side effects from the drug.

The placebo group experienced almost no weight loss during the study.

Many of the doctors prescribing phentirmine maintain that being significantly overweight is more dangerous than any side effects from the drug. Many proponents also believe that those that do experience side effects have doubled or tripled the dose against the advice of doctors. For many patients that have had success with the drug it is seen as a lifesaver that has helped them return to a normal size.

However, there are also those that have become addicted to the drug and most doctors only prescribe it for short periods of time but many users feel they need it longer to maintain their weight loss over the long-term.

After Awhile Phentermine Can Lose It’s Appetite Suppression

This has been one of the biggest drawbacks of using phentermine. While studies have shown that it should take up to 36 weeks for the drug to lose its effectiveness, many people do report that it loses most of its appetite suppression ability much sooner and state that it’s more effective than any other Muscle Sensei they had tried.

The average doctor, however, prescribes the medicine for only 12 weeks in order to combat the addictiveness that has been a problem with many users.

Aside from the problems with addiction and loss of effectiveness, some people also experience headaches, dizziness, anxiety, impotence, high blood pressure and dry mouth. A very few people have reported problems with their heart valves similar to other amphetamine weight loss pills.

Very rarely people have hallucinations, are confused, and act strangely but these are rare and subside when the drug is stopped.

While there are some disadvantages to taking phentermine, many people do swear by its effectiveness. Not everyone has side effects and many people do lose weight.

If you plan on taking this drug, read and research all that you can and talk to a medical professional before starting to get the latest advice available.

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