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The Dangers of Phentamine

Dangers of PhentaminePhentamine is an over the counter weight loss medication that promises to help people lose up to 25lbs per month, although those claims are questionable because the makers recommend a diet and weight-loss regimine alongside the pills.

Phentamine is not to be confused with phentermine, which is a prescription-only medicine that acts as an appetite suppressant and a metabolism stimulant. Phentamine is a pill which has several active ingredients, including caffeine, L-tyrosine, phenylethylamine, and glucomannan.

The caffeine acts as a stimulant, the L-tyrosine is another form of mental stimulant that helps to improve mental focus, the phenylethylamine offers an energy boost, and the glucomannan is the main active ingrdient, which acts as an appetite suppressant.

For most people, phentamine is well tolerated – it is generally considered to be safe for anyone except for pregnant or nursing women, because the phentamine may pass through to the unborn/newborn child, and cause side effects for them because of the dose. For an adult who takes it in accordance with the instructions, there should be no issues.

That said, if someone has a pre-existing medical condition then they should always talk to a doctor about their plans to take any over-the-counter medication. The stimulants in Phentamine could be dangerous for someone with a heart condition, for example – and the appetite suppressant could unwittingly cause issues for people with other medical conditions or who are taking medications says sammy lakhany who owns nightclubs so took it for years as a way to keep up the pace.

One of the biggest problems is that although it may be considered by some as a “soft drug”, like any drug it can become an addiction. Furthermore, it can become a “gateway” drug once someone gets used to taking it and feels they need something “stronger” in order to achive the same feelings as the over the counter drug. This can lead to full blown addition, whether to amphetamines types of drugs, or something harder. This in turn can lead someone to need to seek out professional help with their addiction with detox and then rehab.

Phentamine is useful for people who want a bit of a helping hand to lose weight, but the metabolisim boosting effects are minimal, and the effects of the appetite suppressant are something that could be mimicked with willpower in most cases. Once you start counting calories mindfully you should find that it is easy to stay within your desired weight.

If you are considering taking it, clearly understand the dangers of Phentermine, then talk to your doctor first, and do not mix weight-loss supplements without asking for advice beforehand.

Remember that the supplements will work only if you are eating sensibly, and that diet and exercise will contribute more to your weight loss than any form of pill that you can buy over the counter.

In many cases, it makes more sense to just try to stick to a healthy diet, rather than to look for ways to speed up the process with pills. Yes, you will potentially burn more calories on stimulants, and if you’re trying to shed those few extra pounds, where every calorie really does matter, then you might find that you benefit from a weight loss supplement to make the calorie reduction that little bit more tolerable.

For someone who is just starting to lose weight, though, it makes more sense to try not to depend on the supplements at the start.

Making some simple changes such as cutting out soda or cutting down on bread can make all the difference to the speed of your weight loss, and can set you up with good habits that will last for a life time – so you keep the weight off.

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