Why Is Hockey A Healthy Sport And What Are The Benefits Of Participation?

hockey is healthyIt is time to gear up and hit the ice. Hockey is a fun sport, and it is also a healthy sport. If you are new to the sport of hockey, one thing you have to know if how to skate on the ice.

Not being used to it, you are going to realize right away how it is going to build up your leg muscles. It is hard on your feet at first, too, but you will get used to it.

You will also get better at keeping your balance.

That is just the skating part of hockey, but being able to stay on your feet is important indeed. As you can imagine, it is going to take quite a bit of coordination to be able to use the hockey stick, go after the puck and stay on your feet all at the same time.

Don’t worry, everyone has to learn, and improves coordination comes with time. You never know, too, you might be a bit of a natural.

As you learn to play hockey, the health benefits are numerous. You will build up strength as mentioned, and you will also build up endurance.

You will notice improvement almost right away as you work consistently to get better at hockey, all the while improving your balance as well. Balance can’t be discounted as a health benefit because it is of course always important.

Coordination is another benefit of playing hockey that was mentioned. You improve coordination in so many ways, and you also improve agility. Flexibility is another key health benefit of this sport. You read benefits like flexibility, agility and endurance, and you have to remember the fact that in hockey, like soccer, you are always moving. That means that you are going to get quite a lot of exercise. Just make sure you have a great pair of skates or you’re feet are going to really hurt. You can find a good overview on how to buy a good pair of skates at best skate reviews where the site goes over what you really need to know about buying a pair of great skates.

What that means is you are going to improve circulation, heart and lung function and much more. Hockey is cardiovascular exercise and strength training all in one. Now, this next benefit is something that would often get left off the list, but it is important to mention when evaluating why hockey is a healthy sport, too.

The benefit is that hockey helps improve social skills. People are of course often introduced to hockey as kids and teens, and the social aspects of the sport, including teamwork, are very valuable in regards to mental health.

The importance of teamwork can’t be stressed enough, and that is especially true when it comes to hockey.

It takes quite a bit of team effort to even get a chance at scoring a goal. Hockey will work your body hard, and it is important to understand that from the beginning. The skating alone can wear you out, so you will have to work on building up your endurance.

Get ready to have quite a lot of fun though, which can always take your mind off of how hard you are working.

When you do get ready to hit the ice, remember that hockey can sometimes be a contact sport, so gear up approximately.

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