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Your Guide to Paleo Review

your guide to paleoOverview of Your Guide to Paleo

No matter you want lose weight or start a new diet, you may heard the paleo diet, and you may wonder, what’s paleo diet? Is it safe? How can I eat healthful paleo diet? Well, there is a special good news for you, all the question can be answered by a paleo diet book – your guide to paleo.

Just like the book name, this is a paleo diet guide, and it will tell you everything about paleo, it covers from paleo nutrition, paleo food, paleo avoid foods, paleo cooking and paleo lifestyle. It’s a step-by-step guide to help you live the paleo lifestyle. Let’s see more about reviews for your guide to paleo book.

About the Author

Your guide to paleo is created by Sebastien Noel, a respect nutritionist and dietitian, he have many paleo diet guide includes paleo recipe book, he helped many others tried paleo diet and lived a better paleo life style.

Sebastien Noel spent many years to research paleo diet and Paleolithic ancestors life, he finally realized foods is critical to our life, and he discovered the right paleo diet and some paleo avoid foods.

What will you get from the guide

Your guide to paleo book mentions all aspects of paleo diets with full photos, recipes and information, which includes:

Your guide to paleo Nutrition

Before we start, it’s necessiry to know our body’s nutritional needs, and get information about how to balance your nutrition so you can make the plan. And if you are new to paleo diet, there have some basic paleo guide information which maybe shocks you.

Your guide to Paleo Foods:

Consider your nutrition too, this chapter will explains paleo foods you need to eat, The lowdown on all the “Grey Area” foods, Dairy, chocolate, potatoes, coffee, alcohol. There also have tips for pecific nutritional challenges (Foodmaps, Nightades, Histamines), it also will shows some common paleo diet mistakes which you may make.

Your Guide to Paleo Food To Avoid

Also tell you and explain to you why certain foods you should never eat, and have a good habit is get informed before eliminating anything.

Your Guide to Paleo Cooking

First of all, we must understand there have many healthy foods can’t eat in the restaurant, and secondly, you don’t need to hire a chief, cooking real healthy food is very easy if you according to your guide to paleo, and of course it’s not expensive and time-consuming, learn how to make it and enjoy the kitchen time.

Your Guide to Paleo Lifestyle.

Follow the your guide to paleo and start to change your lifestyle, hack your sleep, exercise and your stress with paleo methods, your will sleep like a baby and get full energy when you wake up.

Bonus: Paleo Slow Cooker Recipes and two cheat sheets, if you start it today.

Where can I buy the book?

Your guide to paleo book have a officical website, you can purchase the paleo book directlry from the official website, and then you will get instant access to the guide, which you can download or viewed on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Or you can find some other great information at

In addition, you will get 60 days money back guarantee, if you don’t like the guide book (although it’s a beautiful and easy follow guide you will love it), you can refund your money, no additional question asked, you have no risk at all.

Your guide to paleo is the best paleo resource for you, before you start paleo diet, it’s very important to get things start the right way, and it will help you reach your goals faster and avoid the mistakes almost everybody makes on paleo.

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